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Classic Moments

England 1 - Scotland 2, 1977

Scotland emerged victorious in the Home International Championship against England in 1977 with a spectacular win after Stunning strikes from Gordon McQueen and Kenny Dalglish.

Up until its culmination in 1983, the Home International Championship was the oldest international association football tournament in the world, and contested between Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  

Around two-thirds of a 98,103 strong crowd at Wembley Stadium belonged to Ally’s Army, on a day that would live on in the memory of many a Scotland fan that had the privilege to be there.

The initial stages of the game passed without producing much. As half-time approached, Scotland began to press and as the only team creating chances, an inevitable first goal came from Gordon McQueen off the back of a free kick emerging from a hand ball. 

Dalglish sealed the deal with a second and ensured this famous Scotland side left Wembley triumphant, despite a late penalty allowing England to claim a goal.

Every Picture Tells a Story 

As the final whistle blew exuberant Scotland fans brought their celebrations down from the stands and onto the pitch. Even Sir Rod Stewart, donned in Scotland attire, could be seen sailing atop a sea of tartan. 

One story emerging from the revelry was that of 21-year-old Alex Torrance, who became a national celebrity after being pictured atop the crossbar amidst the jubilations on the pitch, before it famously snapped in half. When Torrance passed away in 2010, Rod Stewart was one of those to send his family flowers all those years later.

The game itself and the jubilant aftermath in the summer of 1977 has gone down as an iconic moment in history for Scotland fans, binding them together in a way that only football can.